The young prince doesn’t understand sympathy and somebody needs a blunt instrument to explain it to him.  Throughout the episode he shows himself to be stupid and cowardly.  His House, the Lannisters show their true colours.  The word sociopathic was invented to describe these people.

The boy Bran has seen too much and must be punished for it.  Fortunately he has a protector when the assassin comes calling; and so does his sister Aria.  Unfortunately as a consequence one of the girls’ dire wolf cubs is driven off to save its life, and her sister’s cub is killed.

With its death Bran wakes up.  There’s no coincidence in story-telling.  This could mean that the plot curve is ramping up.

And what’s with the clockwork credits that open the episodes?  In a mediaeval high-fantasy drama?  Are they supposed to represent the byzantine mechanations of the story?