I went house-sitting with three cats for a month.  This took me away from my computer, and postings became irregular during that time.  It was interesting that that time took me away from regular activities and there were encounters with people in North East Valley that I don’t usually meet.  Well, obviously, because my flat is outside of that area.  It allowed me to be closer to Opoho Church and I made the effort to get to events happening there to which I don’t usually travel.

Study group has started for August looking at ‘dirty words’.  Last week we did discipleship and disciplining.  This week will be faith and doubt.

There was a talk at the local baptist church about the TroppoDoc Charity.  As this had appeared in the Knox College alumni magazine last year I went along to hear its founder speak.

At the end of the month Bishop Willimon from America is talking about Being Christian in a Postmodern World.  I suspose his lectures work if the over-arching theme is the one he is talking about, and it is accepted that he is talking around the individual lecture titles.

On the last day of house-sitting I was invited out to lunch at the University Staff Club.  That was an interesting meeting.  I had not been there before at that time of day.  Usually I don’t go out from work at that time of day.

Now I’m home again.  The wind and rain is outside.  Everything is folded and put away.  Books are closed.  I sit back and wait to see what will happen next.