Balloons were handed out at church today.  They were entitled with attributes people associated with fathers.  They were given out to the men of the congregation.  I ended up with “understanding” and “patient”.  I thought about the scans of the slides that I have that my parents made.  It is nearly 30 years since my father died.  There are images in my family slides that I haven’t considered in the same length of time.  Recently they have been scanned and I have seen them again.  I have them printed out, four envelopes, waiting to be described and protected in an album.  I am surprised by the images of my father because there is a lot that I have forgotten in that time.  There is an image of him supporting a trailer with  four sons and at least two cousins in it.  He is smiling and his head is thrown back, a pose I have seen my brother assume countless times.  He is a man in his maturity and full of life.  You can forget things like that.

I didn’t name a word that described fatherhood this morning to be written on a balloon.  There were a lot of words contributed.  I decided that my word would be “lively”

I visited the Church today for a concert.  Locals will know the place I mean.  It used to be a Methodist Church on Dundas street facing the Northern Oaks Rugby grounds.  Since it closed it has been a cafe of various names, The Pickled Penguin and Saint Lea’s come to mind.  The current incarnation is called the Church.  There was a concert put on, Chamber Vulgarus.  It was incomprehensible.  Students and others putting on original works.  The programme became confused and at times I was lost.  I never understood who was the man in whiteface.  At the same time there were wonderful original pieces for flute, string quartet and gamelan.  I admit it was the pieces for string and gamelan that provoked my curiosity.  And there was In the Shape of Trees, hacked electronica creating its own soundscape.  That was interesting.  It ended with a performance by Strork, a string ensemble were anyone can pick up an instrument and join in.  I don’t think you can walk away from a performance by Strork.  Because there’s no such thing.

I think Dunedin Time runs about 20 minutes later than when the programme is scheduled to begin.  That happened both on Friday night and Sunday afternoon.  In contrast church services begin on time, although when they might end is anyone’s guess.