Usually I would put this stuff on my Blogger account, but I’m battering my head there because something’s disabled and I can’t get it to work.  The WordPress interface seems less clunky for me (at the moment), so I will post the fun I’ve been having with this translation exercise here.  Ignore as you please.
I had been doing a translation of Amanda Babcock Furrow’s text for the Conlang Relay 19, which is here.  It seemed like a good exercise to translate it into my current imaginary language.  The exercise took longer than I expected and I worked on it at my own time and leisure.  Here’s the result:

Ten âyet yilí botí nirúmbe benas. Údnon premye habot ve kashte “Gak súda petten âyet nisha bena?”

Tal ve bonte “Na’dâ ve kawiden shame”

Deng a lúka íyet. Pena kúhya, brekí ve kashten, “Ya botí, na’dâ pochen shodya nisha benan. Na’dâ ve kashoden ye dâya lúb, dok gúya pena Sei ei petten so bina wa nastra, dok kembí ve kawidet.” Botí ve shahente, dok deng a lúka ve shodyete bôt.

Pet poslí kata deng ve plogete lúb a kashte:

“Bodú ve ploget nisha benan, dok bodú ve bint bradí surutí, wôda ría ye aotoka dradra.

Premye habot ve kashte “Magarí kem na’dâ ve gabinten ten.”

Tal ve bonte “Nas shradyega budet sús nipana.”

Nidolgon poslí merega, luk ve dâyet lúb a kashte:

“Bodú ve seft nisha benan, dok bodú ve bint títíg haní, títíg bishí, ye títíg dúdwan.”

Premye habot ve kashte “Na’dâ wolenshim bina ten.”

Tal ve bonte “Nas shradyega budet shaten nipana.”

There were two rocks on the slope of a mountain.  Once the first rock said, “I wonder what’s beyond the mountain?”

The other replied, “We shall never know.”

A bird and a mouse was there.  On hearing, they said, “O rocks, we can go beyond the mountain.  We can go and come again, and tell to you about what we see, and you will know.  The rocks agreed, and the bird and the mouse went away.

Soon after a time the bird came back and said:

“I flew beyond the mountain, and I saw wide streams, green brooks and tall trees.”

The first rock said, “I wish we could see that.”

The other replied, “Our hearts will be troubled forever.”

A long time after some days the mouse came back and said:

“I went by foot beyond the mountain, and I saw the same grasses, the same seeds and the same insects.”

The first rock said, “We don’t want to see that.”

The other replied, “Our hearts will be happy forever.”