The local Buddhists have an exhibition this week at the Community Gallery.  I visited at the weekend to see if I found it interesting enough to stay for events.  I didn’t.  Mind you there is a session next Saturday on Tibetan script so I would like to sit in on that.

The Dunedin Abrahamic Interfaith Group invited Rabbi Adi Cohen of the Wellington Progressive Jewish Congregation to address their annual peace lecture.  It didn’t strike me as a substantial lecture although I noted down some points:

  • Peace as the absence of non-peace is disturbing
  • The world changes and our hopes should change with it
  • The other person is created in the image of god
  • dialogue does not begin between worldviews; dialogue begins between persons of different worldviews

The Rabbi is in New Zealand because he did not want to see his son grow up to serve in the Israeli Defense Force; and a Palestinian woman in the audience brought her family to New Zealand to escape her environment of violence.  Does it take to escape to the margins of the world for dialogue to begin?

Dunedin Cluster Group of Southern Presbytery last night, we were talking about mission, again.  There were things from which to learn and listen.  I wonder if more from Opoho need to hear these things?

The staff of the Presbyterian Archives and the Hewitson Library got a letter about the merger of the two organisations on the Knox College campus.  It was a rote business letter and not particularly sensitive.  There is no assurance that positions will continue or that staff members will remain.  The Principal of the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership and the Assembly Executive Secretary will meet with us in two weeks.  At the moment I wait.

I am thinking my alternative is to return to Invercargill so I can be closer to my mother and other members of my family.  We will see if I take up that option.