Reading through a backlog of Time Magazines I found a recommendation for a favorite Science Fiction writer, The Apocalypse Codex by Scottish author Charles Stross, name-dropped by Time’s book critic Lev Grossman in the Summer Book section of Culture, July 16, 2012 issue.  ‘[A]bout a branch of the British secret service tasked with staving off a Lovecraftian Armageddon.  Smart, literate, funny.  And Stross has a computer-science degree, so he actually understands how computers work.  So there are no scenes where a computer virus brings down an orbiting satellite.’

When the conversation moves on to A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth as summer comfort reading Grossman observes ‘Probably there’s no Lovecraftian Armageddon though.’  As I have not read A Suitable Boy I don’t know if a visitation of the Great Old Ones would improve the story or not.

I admit that I don’t own the book.  I have only seen one title of his in Dunedin at PaperPlus.  It disappeared before I decided to pick it up, within a couple of days of debating.  The library is pretty good at holding everything by him.  It may take me a while before I see it on the shelf.  I think I’m up to date.  Southern Dave has all the Laundry series in Invercargill.  Not sure if I’ve read the current title.  It could be the fourth in the series and I think I’ve only read three.