On Monday morning I decided to bring in my washing before I left for work.  It had been out overnight and I feared it would get wet from showers before I returned home.  Unfortunately I was in my slippers, which are threadbare and have no traction and I slipped down the steps.  Once I started falling I could not stop.  The low brickwork on each side of the steps allowed me nothing to halt my rate of passage.

I had to keep running down the steps or else the momentum would make me fall forward.  I ended up in the garden at the bottom of the steps.  It gave me such a fright.

My hip felt strained for the rest of the day.  It hurt until evening.  I carried on at work without mentioning it.  Sometimes it twinged which I took to mean my body was telling me to slow down.  I would not like to try to do something at a running pace while I felt that way.

I mentioned it on my face-book page and friends encouraged me to see a doctor in case it led to more problems that could mean accident compensation.  By now the hip wasn’t hurting although it still felt stiff.  I made an appointment for after work.  It was a dull pain walking to the doctor’s.  Fortunately the doctor was able to find out that I had done no damage to the bone.  They are making arrangements for me to see a physiotherapist so they can begin assessing if I’ve done damage to the cartilage which might take a couple of months to become apparent if I don’t improve.  More news as it comes to hand.

Current mood: Spring cold weather and hail