We held a church fair at Opoho: bouncy castle and sausages outside, stalls inside with more food and plants, books and white elephant.  The flow of people through wasn’t huge but it was steady.  I was part of the team selling on white elephant.  There was time to circulate.  For lunch I had a couple of sausages, a waffle with cream and maple syrup, and a cup of pumpkin and cashew soup.  We were up against the New Zealand versus South Africa rugby game with celebrations in town.  I know it was a slow fair when the biscuit stall was still selling produce after two hours.  The turnover was reasonable and I expect we brought in some money for the church budget.

I came away with the last jar of marmalade and some biscuits.  The afghans were tasty, I’ve eaten two already.  I have a new planter which I’ve transferred on of my begonias into, a copy of The Art of the Fellowship of the Ring, and a new duvet cover.  After standing for most of the day without starting on my usual Saturday activities I feel exhausted.