Farewell of the week goes to my dear friend L’Enfant de Jeu.  She has left for Australia to work in IT at a small university in Canberra.  What a blow!  My cynical soul tells me that this year I have lost two women that have helped me move between various flats: one due to an unfortunate death; the other to Australia.  At least I know that Ms. de Jeu is watching out for me.  I want her to spread her wings, there is so much she could accomplish.  I will be watching out for her.  Hobbit-spotting will become a link back to the dirty ol’ town.

We met up at the Poolhouse on Filleul Street and took over two tables to say farewell.  What a wonderful evening!  Several of us were epochally dire at pool.  Put several of us on a table and we could keep wacking the white ball bouncing around the table, occasionally pocketing other coloured balls until the table was cleared and somebody technically lost by missing the black.  What a way to enjoy an evening.  Can I adopt Ario?  We can be the Smith Brothers, the World’s Worst Pool Players!

Saturday night I visited Brockville Community Church as the parish inducted the minister into permanent ministry there after 5 years commitment to temporary appointments.  An interesting parish, Brockville is a working-class part of Dunedin.  It is evident that there is also a university-related community up there of staff who favour the area’s available housing.  Anyway the induction was well attended, and the catering was good too!  Five tables of food!  Despite the financial constraints on the parish it felt like from the service that it was a growing community.

Today’s diversion was a concert by the Southern Consort of Voices at St Joseph’s Chapel, Of shadows on the stars.  New music to me, it included the Cantique de Jean Racine by Gabriel Fauré, a piece I was not familiar with.  The Consort used the opportunity to position themselves around the Chapel to create a soundscape of voices for several pieces.  It was worth hearing.

At the end of a warm spring weekend and I’m still listening to pieces of Verdi’s Tosca and finding things I haven’t noticed before.  It’s obvious I haven’t listened to it often enough.  I picked out some Rajasthani dance music from my collection to play randomly this evening, and now I’m wondering if I should add in Yo Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble to compliment it.