This was today’s discussion hosted by the Centre for Theology and Public Issues.  They hosted representatives from the Expert Advisory Group set up by the Commissioner on Children.

Our country’s reputation for care of its children could be better.  How well we treat our children is measured on nine criteria.  Criteria as basic as having your own bed to sleep in.  On measuring poverty as not meeting any three of the list child poverty in New Zealand can be measured as affecting 18 per cent of all children in the country under 18 years old.  In contrast only 3% of adults over 65 are classified as poor under the same measurement.  Adults get to vote,  and politicians like people who vote them back in.

During the best economy that we have had in recent years solo parents on the domestic purpose benefit decreased by less than 5%.  These are the families most at risk, the people that the Expert Advisory Group are working to protect and for which create the best deal.  Sort of common sense really, for people who have no options.

That is why they wait to hear from us.