Brain-storming about mission in the middle of the week I wrote down this question, which is meant to be rhetorical: How do we in the progressive church movement share or create relations inside and outside our community of faith?

The next night I went to the local Fulbright lecture on the university campus which was on the topic used as the title of this post.  At the end I started to write some notes.

The present danger from religion is exclusive extremism from beyond the norm of social religion, using religious violence to impose its values on the majority group.

The alternative involves engaging in dialogue, teaching religious education as knowing and respecting the other person without entering into indoctrination, and joining together with the other person in actions of common witness.  Perhaps the next step will have us engaging with each other with affection for what we can do and share.

We are part of the diverse mix in society.  The alternative would be bland and conformist.

As I stepped out to go to the supermarket this morning I was surprised to greet one of my fellow residents at Manono House returning from morning prayers.  He was dressed in a white robe.  Today is Eid, and, despite the forecast, the sun is shining.