We held a parish quiz night at Opoho Church Hall.  I’m getting good at these things.  Don’t people know these answers any more?  Thanks to recently subscribing to the Christian Science Monitor’s newsletter I was the only person in the hall who knew the leader of which country had recently visited Gaza (Qatar).

And I knew who wrote The First Blast of the Trumpet against the Monstrous Regiment of Women.  We worked out what a chukka is in polo; and the incomplete jerk who is Mitt Romney’s running mate.  I also worked out the name of the country which has LIETUVA on its stamps.

We weren’t perfect on every question.  I didn’t know at all who produced the recent albums 19 and 21.  I am not familiar with Adele’s portfolio at all.  With eleven rounds of four questions each we were consistently getting three out of four questions for most rounds.  It allowed us to come second.  A member from church provided a table of prizes from a box of unwanted gifts.  I took the toilet bag.  I don’t have one and it would be useful.   Somebody else took Josh Kronfeld’s autobiography and all the weet-bix All-Black bowls went.

That was fun.  We should do it again.