Farm-boy Nemorino is holding a candle for wealthy farm-owner Adina.  Well who wouldn’t when Adina is played by Anna Netrebko in top hat and riding coat.  Unfortunately for him she’s not looking for commitment.  I’m not surprised.  In that wig I wanted to say to Nemorino, “Mate, you’re got a mullet.  That’s not a chick-magnet!”

Enter the charlatan Doctor Dulcamara.  He cons Nemorino that a bottle of Bordeaux is the lost elixir of love of Isolde and Tristan.  His luck doesn’t improve when Adina accepts the offer of marriage from his rival in love.  “Doctor, help me!” laments Nemorino.  I’m listening for the vworp-vworp sound.  It doesn’t come.   Doctor Dulcamara as the thirteenth incarnation Doc Who would be interesting!  Doctor Who: The Opera, anyone?

True love wins out.  Doctor Dulcamara declares that his elixir is the cure for all ills.  I’m left thinking, that was fun, but, my god! I just sat through a three-hour ad for Bordeaux wines!