End of year lunch at Iconic.  I did not avoid treating myself to lambs fry again.  Although I was seriously tempted by slow-cooked pork belly!

The Centre for Theology and Public Issues held their last Public Square for the year.  Thoughts: The editor of DScene uses ummm to muster his thoughts so much it made me wince.  The new Master of the Knox College concluded that new Christian communities are emerging around a commitment for Jesus.  I wonder if he went far enough.  The viewpoint of a limited self-interest needs to be abandoned.  Where a teaching for life can be cultivated, whether religious, humanist, secular or philosophical, then living communities need to be cultivated.

Sing-along-a-Messiah at Knox Church with the City Choir Dunedin stole my evening.  Not that it was a wasted cause.  I took the Novello edition with me from my book shelf and kept score.