The last event for the Centre for Theology and Public Issues in 2012 was a report back on a survey that the Centre held earlier this year to get feedback on its activities.

The Centre has interest from students at the University with 25-35 at the under-graduate level and 4-5 going on to study with the Centre in post-graduate studies.

As public broadcasting is under threat in New Zealand the Centre continues to provide a forum for discussing issues.  It has become a service of its own.  It attracts the interest of the public who are not interested in theology, but are interested in the public space the Centre creates.

In the question time I put in a push for more research to be done with the Presbyterian Archives.  As one of the topics someone with the Centre is researching is prayer and the public health system then I know of one collection of papers at which to point them.  Further work for the archives staff should only be encouraged!