I caught this episode again when it played again.  This time I took notes.

The Doctor’s face has returned to the opening credits.  Nice to see him returned there.  Will the heated tube return next?

“Winter is coming” Thank you Ned Stark.

Madame Vastra and Jenny are ‘married’. Would somebody explain that to me please?  ‘Victorian Values’ are dismissed in this episode.  In truth the Victorians often were more tolerant in their private lives than they are made out to be.  The Victorian characters in this episode and its prequels are incomprehensible when faced with marriage between the scaly-skinned woman and her female servant.  Presumably they are married under Silurian custom rather than a nod to modern values of marriage equality, or to Victorian practice which had enough trouble with sodomy let alone trans-phylum marriage between a saurian and a human.  I suppose it’s like marrying an ostrich, birds are the only dinosaurs we have left in the modern world.

“Not your salvation, nor your protector…once he saved worlds.” The Doctor’s in retirement.

“There’s a man, called the Doctor. He lives in a cloud and he spends all his days stopping children from having bad dreams.” The Doctor is not just a story-book figure, he is the one who stands between the children and the nightmares.  Moffat seems interested in making the Doctor appealing to children in his audience.  He comes when they call him.  Quite literally in two previous episodes he has arrived as an answer to prayers by children.

Up the stairwell in the clouds and into the Tardis.  The Doctor lives in a magical land above us all.  The architecture of the Tardis has changed, more meccano than the white sets of my childhood, still an improvement on the cringe-worthy Heath Robinson sets of recent seasons. Clara does a run around the outside of the Tardis.  I think that is nod to Rose Tyler doing the same act the first time she flew away in the blue box.

“Is there a kitchen?” “Another first!” Not quite true.  The Doctor’s first companions made use of a food-supplying machine while the Tardis was in flight.  There is also a stasis box where the milk is kept.  It was 20 years old and still fresh when K9 analysed it. “I love making soufles.” Clara is revealed as soufle girl.  I expect it is easier to find eggs in the Tardis than in a Dalek asylum.

The big bad is revealed to be the Great Intelligence.  I had wondered if Dr Simeon’s G. I. Institute stood for those initials. Older adventures where the Doctor battled robotic abominable snowman in the London Underground in an earlier incarnation are given an origin story.

And Clara is the Woman Who Died. How long can she keep doing that, now that the Doctor is coming looking for her?