Lisa from Friend-Link arranged for me to catch up with my friend Graeme.  She took us out to Port Chalmers and took photos of us out there for memories of the day.  I asked if she could send some of them to me by email to share.  Here’s some of the images:


I’m standing with Graeme on the observation site overlooking the harbour at Port Chalmers.  We are looking at the Diamond Princess in dock.  What a fascinating sight.  It’s really a big hotel on top of a boat.  I think we worked out it had about four decks above the hull and two more below.  The funnels on top of that look like something about of steampunk.  If you look closely you can see the Dawn Princess is in dock behind the Diamond Princess.

I’m glad I don’t see how thin my hair is getting on the back of my head all that often!


Look to the left at the town of Port Chalmers.  The heritage church Iona is prominent in the photo.  It is a land-mark of the local community.  My work at the Presbyterian Archives means I am familiar with its collection.  It is the second oldest Presbyterian congregation in Otago and Southland, the first daughter church of the First Church of Otago in Dunedin.


The observation site is next to the Hotere Garden Oputae.  We went in and had a walk.  Here we are standing in front of the artwork Black Phoenix II, a memorial to the fire-burnt boat, the Poitrel.


The garden has a view of the harbour in the opposite direction of the port and we went and stood in it for a photo.  I’m not sure if that is Quarantine Island or Goat Island in the background.


Afterwards we went around to Careys Bay Hotel and ordered a small beer each.  Graeme had Speights and I had a Bookbinder’s.  We had a view of the seagulls in the carpark outside the window and a painting from the Hunting of the Snark above us, “Then the bowsprit got mixed with the rudder sometimes”.

Thank you, Lisa, for a pleasant afternoon’s outing which we all enjoyed.