A second post-card arrived today from China.  This one is an evocative extract from the Akrama Epic “Alaxaba” written by Christopher Tang.  The language looks like long agglutinative sentences transcribed from a pictographic script.  I would like to know the inspiration for this language.  A close examination shows that a symbol resembling an eye is used in sentences for ‘my eyes’, ‘to blind’, ‘tears’, and ‘to stare at’.  The word for ‘my eyes’ is transliterated uxukta in two sentences.  I think I recognise the symbol for ‘ancestor’.  I can’t work it out in the transliteration, one sentence uses it to translate ‘ancestors’ and the second time it is used in a character which is translated ‘ancestral land’.  That is my guess.

I will keep vigil in hope the final cards turn up in the next few weeks.