I wasn’t going to write anything on the topic until I was inspired by the discussion on Public Address on this topic.  I realised that I used the day like a lot of other New Zealanders — I had a half-day holiday in the middle of the weekend, an extra Saturday.

I stayed in bed an hour late, then got up to take advantage of the House laundry room so I could do an extra load of washing in the middle of the week.  My devotions looked at two readings from the Holy Bible for a national holiday.  They did not inspire me to new insight.

I made the mistake of turning my computer on and browsing early in the day.  I would have been better to have gone out for a walk.  Especially as the afternoon was spent listening to Matinee Idle on my bedside radio, an institution on National Radio that celebrates playing exceptionally absurd music that wouldn’t get air-time otherwise.  Once I had finished my work-avoidance activity I wrote up some notes from Pastoral Committee from the beginning of the week and posted them out to the appropriate people.

I managed to go out for a promenade for half an hour after Matinee Idle was over, before tea.  I had prepared some pork ribs at the start of the week so I had one of those with vegetables, tasty if not adventurous.  In the evening I surfed between Pub Dig on one channel and Wild Columbia on another.  The latter, hosted by the exuberant wild-life presenter Nigel Marven, caught more of my attention.

I did not attend any Waitangi Day events in the city.  If I had been alert early in the day I could have ventured into the Octagon for the celebrations there at mid-day.  Instead I took the day like many others, relaxing and enjoying a fine day.