I haven’t posted up a contender for a Top Ten Song in well over a year I think.  The conceit is the New Zealand / Australian / Irish Actor Sam Neill has a website on his Two Paddocks blog where people list their ten favourite pieces of music to play at Sam Neill’s imaginary(?) Dayglo Disco.  When I pulled up Top Ten out of my tag-list I discovered I already had thirteen artists listed.  These include: Fantasia on British Sea Songs, Johnny Cash, Johnny Clegg, Cruel Sea, Sheryl Crow, Enzso, Dido, the Moonlight Sonata, Gin Wigmore, Masters of Chant, Hot House Flowers, Tom Russell, and a fanfare from Malcolm Gordon or Cold Chisel.

I haven’t picked out a song from Gin Wigmore’s new album Gravel and Wine.  Shuffling through bits of it recently material on that album caught my ear’s attention.

Anyway I have decided to add O Mensch, Gib Acht by Mahler to the list.  I changed discs in my player a couple of nights ago, including a disc of symphonic extracts from Mahler.  I hoped this piece would play as it shuffled between discs.  It rewarded me by playing the piece first, nine minutes of sad and beautifully paced music.  Just perfect.

Ash Wednesday is approaching.  I should go look out another favourite piece from Tom Russell for that occasion.