We have had a visiting scholar from Scotland in the Presbyterian Archives for the last week, Esther Breitenbach, making good use of our material.  She gave a lecture to the Centre for Irish and Scottish Studies before she left on the above subject.  I attended the lecture and the Presbyterian Archives was acknowledged as a resourceful place.

I understand that the coat of arms for New Zealand is included in the above image at the Scottish National War Memorial at Edinburgh Castle.  I have not found a detailed guide online after a brief investigation.  Perhaps it deserves a comparison with New Zealand’s National War Memorial in Wellington, a memorial I have visited a couple of times.  I find its architecture evocatively Tolkienian.

Hospitality to visitors from Empire was the work of the Victoria League and the Overseas League.  They provided entertainment for visiting military personnel during the two world wars.  A women’s organisation with men as leaders they came from the best classes in Scotland.

Glasgow may have been the ‘Second City of Empire’ in its own perception, an economic powerhouse.  Edinburgh was the centre for political and ceremonial power in Scotland.  It is from Edinburgh that Empire is perceived.  It hosted the Empire Exhibition in 1938.  I wonder what artefacts of New Zealand peoples when to that exhibition?  Were they received like the meeting house Mataatua?

Prime Minister Frazer visited Scotland and compared favourably the martial prowess of Highlanders and Maori.

I must do some investigation into the Empire Wireless Chain, which was to join South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.  They thought they could use it to listen in the Imperial Parliament!