I have a pile of Teach Yourself language books to work through as a project.  One of them is TY Welsh, the 1992 edition.  The first chapter included the following list of Useful Words and Phrases.  Such a simple introduction to the language!  Since this is the language on which Brithenig is based I should give a translation as an introduction.

How to

1. Express Greetings.

Bon fathin. Good morning.

Bon ddiwrn. Good afternoon, good day.

Bon suir. Good evening.

Bon noeth. Good night.

Bon salyd! Good health!

2. Ask Permission.

Pod-eo sidderci? May I sit here?

Pod-eo aydar? May I help?

3. Say thank you.

Greid. Thanks.

Greid mulltisaf.  Thanks very much.

4. Ask someone’s name and say your own name.

Ke gos aphella’gw? What’s your name? What are you called?

Gareth eo aphell. I am called Gareth.

Lisa eo aphell. I am called Lisa.

5. Ask someone if they speak Brithenig.

Parola’gw Frithenig?

6. Ask what someone’s occupation is and say what you do.

Ke gos es gwstr llafur? What is your occupation?

Yn ifferfeir eo su. I’m a nurse.

Yn meddig eo su. I’m a doctor.

7. State your nationality.

American eo su. I’m American.

Comro eo su. I’m Welsh.

8. Say No…

Rhen greid.

Rhen sucar.

Rhen problem.

I needed to find a new word to add to my dictionary, ifferfeir nurse (m, f).  There will be more to come when I reach the next chapter.