I was talking to the Archivist at work at the start of the week.  I felt something tickle at my throat.  I reached to brush it away.  As I took my hand away I felt something painful in my finger, a very sharp pain.  There was something embedded in my finger.  I brushed it off quickly to get rid of the pain.  It was lost in the dark red carpet.  I think it looked like a sting.  Neither the archivist nor myself saw an insect fall off me from my neck.  Perhaps it could have been a spider bite.  Was it a sting or a thorn from something  that attached itself to my body as I walked to work?  I do not know.

The tip of my finger swelled up immediately.  After ten or twenty minutes the second knuckle in my finger began to swell as well.  I worried about calling a doctor.  We raced down the hill to the Gardens Chemist and I bought some anti-histamines.  It stopped the swelling in the second knuckle.  There may have been some material still under my skin.  Every so often on the first day it pained me so I winced.  By the end of the day the finger felt comfortable that I could use it in my typing.

It’s now Maundy Thursday.  The tip of the finger is still enflamed and swollen.  Sometimes it’s uncomfortable under the skin.  The stiffness sometimes swells the pad of the second finger and sometimes recedes.  A session at the gym may have helped regain some softness and flexibility, if only momentarily, as I worked it a bit.  I will keep an eye on it during the long weekend.  If the swelling goes down the finger then I may go into the emergency clinic to have it examined.

The research archivist noted that it was fortunate the sting did not go into my neck.  If my throat had swollen up then there could have been some serious consequences.