Consideration of the reader makes an ordered plainness the first, and sometimes the last requirement of typography.

Denis Glover, 1941

The opening of this display in the Reed Room of the Dunedin Library began with an address by Noel Waite.  Caxton Press began with a group of students at Canterbury University who wanted to start a typography club in the 1940s.  The University approved, but withdrew that approval when their first issue hinted at things that students do together when they are not supervised.

Leo Bensemann

Denis Glover was the editor of the Caxton Press and he was joined by the designer Leo Bensemann, an “artist of sorts”.  (There’s a pun there apparently.)  Typography is about points. (Usually 12 point!)

Designo (Italian, if I heard it correctly) is the emergence of the idea from the blank page, aided by fantasia, arte and scientia.  Everyone designs who creates preferred situations out of existing ones.