I’m not going to see current Doctor Who until the end of the season.  The analogue signal goes off before that and I have made no plans to upgrade to digital at this time.  What I see after April will probably be through downloads and maybe I’ll wait and buy this season on DVD.  I’ll report on what I watch until the screen goes off.

Did you notice that the ‘I-don’t-know-where-I-am’ screens almost blend into the glass planes on the TARDIS in the opening sequence?

A Time-Lord in a monk’s habit, a nod to the character of the Meddling Monk, perhaps?

The emergency telephone on the exterior rings.  “That’s not supposed to happen!”   Have you forgotten already what happened the last time that phone rang, Doctor?

“Am I in the wrong time-zone?”  “Sort of.”

“Is it an evil spirit?”  “It’s a woman.”  The young monk crosses himself.

The bad guys have a removable conscience.  Now, that’s useful when you’re evil.  On the other hand the Doctor has a mobile phone, in a blue box!

When story-book characters come walking down the stairs I think I would risk letting in the monk banging on the door.  The worst he could do is leave a copy of The Watchtower!

The truth is revealed!  The Doctor does not tie his own bow-ties!  On the other hand, he’s wearing a frock-coat!  I’m a fan of the Doctor in a frock-coat.

It looks like Clara Oswald’s writing style has not changed since she was eleven years old, looking at how she has written her age, up until twenty-four.  Is that suspicious?

The lights are acting up.  At this stage I think I would follow his advice and get into the blue box.

The Doctor on a Triumph motorbike.  YES!  A classic motorbike in my opinion.  Go Trumpies!  Such great-looking bikes.

Considering where the story-line is going, the number of ads in the commercial break involving using a computer pad is disturbing.  Notice the Wi-Fi does not affect the Doctor.  He knows how to use their technology against his enemies.

UNIT turns up.  Still not the real UNIT of my memory.  The real UNIT has real soldiers with character, not bit-part walk-ons.  It looks like the season arc has a re-occuring villain, the Client.  I won’t reveal that spoiler.  Will we see him again?

Clara Oswald has a family she cares for and doesn’t want to leave.  We end up with a children’s adventure.  “All of time and space, and home for tea.” I wonder if we will see her background family developed as characters around her and the Doctor?  And note also: again, she died.  Even if this time it wasn’t permanent.

Also, nice to see Celia Imrie, an actress who I like to spot when she appears as a guest-star.  Perhaps I should go and watch Gormenghast again.