I have a separate email address at work.  Quite by accident both my home email and my work email have ended up connected to different Facebook pages.  I created a password for the Presbyterian Archives page on Facebook and it’s ended up connected to my work address.  I expect eventually Facebook will notice and rationalise my account at work.  Mind you, with so many people on Facebook I suspect it’s going to take them a while to notice.

To justify the second account I used it to track down and collect Facebook pages relating to the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand: Presbyterian offices and organisations, Churches, and Presbyterian Support pages.  I think I’ve collected about 50 such pages, all connected by my green Presbyterian icon.  I think I may have collected more than anyone else, including the official Presbyterian Church page.

What I find interesting is that I’m the only connection between these various pages.  Many of them do not network with each other, even neighbouring parishes.  Their interests lean in other directions.  Instead I find I hunt around Facebook finding people’s pages I identify as Presbyterian and then rummage through their ‘like’ lists, looking for new pages to add to my work account.

Maybe the parish pages are not interested in each other.  Maybe this is an indication that we have stopped being a national church.  A shame really, because each of them is an island in the darkness, each diverse in their own way, and similar, speaking the same language and symbolism.  I will keep searching for them.