The book that I wanted to read was no longer on the shelf.  This was a setback.  It had been on the shelf the two previous times I had visited the library.  What a conundrum!  Then it occurred to me that the above title had caught my eye.  I took it home.

I’m glad I did as it proved to be a good read.  Set 10 000 years before present Doggerland between England and mainland Europe is still above sea-level.  The tribe that lives by the edge of the sea speak a variant of Basque, their homeland called Etxelur, quite literally home-land.  The end of the Ice Age means the sea is coming in, and these people must find ways of protecting their homeland.

Those who play a part in the story come from as far afield as Jericho and America.  Umm, okay.  A glance at the other books in this trilogy at the library suggests that contact across the Atlantic Ocean happens earlier than we imagine in this time-line.  After a tragic tsunami, movingly written, characters work together to tame the land and sea.  The first sea-walls go up.  Unfortunately they have rivals in their great game for the future of the mesolithic world.

This book is a saga covering at least three generations.  I enjoyed it.  I haven’t read anything like it in a while.  It made a change.  Characters are driven by primal motives.  There is no great morality, only survival, appetite, and revenge.  The rest of the trilogy takes on equally great time-scales.  I look forward to reading them.