“Life’s too short”, and defrosting an Ice Warrior from its corpsicle is an effective way of making it shorter!

Enter the Doctor, in the middle of a crisis; and exit the Tardis.  Is this related to its doors jamming to refuse Clara access last week?  Or is it playing games?

It’s behind you!  The monster of the week is revealed quickly.  That’s sudden.  A Grand Marshall of the Ice Warriors, with inbuilt sonic weaponry, classic!  Re-imagined Who establishes Ice Warriors as Martians in cyborg-armour.  The cyborg reference is new.  The adventure takes advantage of the new description as the Grand Marshall shucks his armour and runs amuck in a Cold-War Russian submarine like some sort of Cybermat.  We never get a complete look at an unarmoured Ice Warrior, just its face, which is rudimentary, and its arms, which look like E.T.  A small-fast alien perhaps?  What distinguishes Ice Warriors from either Cybermen or Sontarans now?  Nevertheless, even without its armour, it’s fast and strong.

It thinks it is the last of the Ice Lords, with nothing to lose, not even it’s own code of honour considering the way it exposes itself without its armour.  In the end its lost species proves to be still out there, among the stars, in the future.  Quite literally they break through the ice.  We never get to see the modern Ice Warriors, or the interior of their ship.  They leave without revealing themselves.

It turns out the Tardis disappeared because the Doctor re-activated the Hostile Action Defense System (HADS).  That’s the first time I think it has been referenced in the television series since Doctor Who and the Krotons back in the days of the second Doctor.

Guest star appearance goes to David Warner as a Russian Scientist with a taste for Ultravox and Duran Duran.

With the end of the analogue signal my television has succumbed to the blue screen of death and that’s the end of my Doctor Who reviews for now.