I haven’t put up a submission for my top ten songs at the Dayglo Disco in a while.  I’m choosing one from a childhood favourite, the album Hot August Night by Neil Diamond.  Yes, I know it’s an indulgent choice, shut up!  We listened to it, my brother and I as children, and were fascinated by its songs.  We replayed them listening to the comedy of its lyrics.  We didn’t notice the darkness that lay behind some of the songs.

A friend bought me the CD when I we saw it in the Warehouse a few years ago.  It’s getting a bit jumpy now and I have one of the discs uploaded on my computer.  I have no other albums by Diamond.  This one’s a nostalgia piece for me.  It has aged well for me and still gives me enjoyment.  I appreciate it the more.

If I was to choose one work from this opus it is the closing medley of Soolaimon and The Brother Love Travelling Salvation Show that I take great delight in.  Together they form an exuberant pastiche of gospel music that’s lively, swinging, and a delight for me to listen to.  I understand that Soolaimon has become a signature piece for Diamond’s concerts allowing his entrance, a big-band performance.

I found it on You-tube, so revel in its youthful, dionysian glory.