I have finished the first book of the Skyscraper Throne by Tom Pollock.  Set in London it was urban fantasy borrowing from New Weird.  I felt while I was reading that it covered a lot of  the same material as Charlie Fletcher’s Stoneheart Trilogy.  Of the two authors I would be more inclined to recommend Fletcher who seems to me to write with more energy and vision.

Still the idea of using the Skyscraper Throne is a good one.  There is a paragraph in the middle of the book that described it:

Cut into the western face of the pyramid was a seat with high sloping arms.  It was vastnothing could possibly be big enough to fill it.  But even as the words left her mouth, Beth knew whose throne it was, because cut into the chair’s high back was the tower block crown.

It amused me to consider Dunedin has something similar in the back of the old central post office, a granite throne looking toward the harbour.  Smaller cities are not candidates for urban fantasies.  I think Dunedin as a heritage city should be a good contender for age-old battles of the imagination.  I wonder what agent of the Iron Crown waits to return to ascend that abandoned throne.