Last week I received notice that I was booked in for a colonoscopy at the hospital.  Anyone who knows me knows that I take this very seriously, loosing a brother to bowel cancer 14 years ago.  I checked the tag on the Irrefutable Proof About Hobbits and it was time for my next check-up.  I confirmed the appointment with the hospital.

I had my usual breakfast on Thursday and after that cut out eating whole grains and cereals, and fruit and vegetables with pips and seeds.  I bought some white bread for my lunch-time sandwiches.  There were some hiccoughs.  On a visit to Waitati we stopped at the local cafe and I had to choose my lunch carefully.  They were keen  on natural foods with seeds in them.  Then a neighbour at Manono House offered me some  vegetable soup at the weekend.  While it was tasty I had to enquire that it didn’t affect my diet.  I managed.

On Sunday my diet reduced again to simple food: poached eggs on white bread for breakfast, some rice and arrowroot biscuits for lunch.  I had already taken some laxative pills on Saturday.  When I stopped eating solid food I waited to take the first bottle of saline mixture.  It is foul and unpleasant stuff.  Every mouthful caused me to gag and snarl.  I needed plenty of water and drank extra glasses of water to wash out the horrid taste.  I had to do it again on Monday morning.  It was the least pleasant part of the experience.  In the early hours of the morning I lost sleep as my body purged itself of the contents of my bowels.

This was my fourth time on the table, and the first time that I didn’t fall asleep during the operation.  I watched on the screen as the surgeon investigated the chambers of my bowels.  It seemed over very quickly.  Afterwards I overbalanced while I was dressing and sat on the floor as I tied my shoes.  It brought people running.  I followed their advice and took a taxi home.  I wasn’t alarmed for myself.  They took out five polyps from my bowels and I will consult with my doctor to see if any were malignant.

Back to work tomorrow.