This was a forum hosted by the Centre for Theology and Public Issues on Tuesday.  The panel was made up of Campbell Roberts, Jenny Te Paa Daniel, Graham Redding, David Clark and Kevin Toomey.

Andrew Bradstock opened the discussion for the forum.  Are there shared or public values that transcend individuals?  How do they relate to our context?

Is there a sea-change that business leaders want to hear about values rather than economics.  If it’s coming down to the Aunties versus the Market, then my money is on the Aunties.  Aunties are a force of nature.

Whose values? How do they operate? Whose narrative?

If you are going to be a Christian, you are going to be a Socialist.

– Pauline O’Regan

Contrast between the values of living in a hotel and living in a whanau.  The hotel is the place of alienation, everyone in their own room.  Living in a boarding house made me wonder  if that is totally true.  The limitations of when whanau go bad was also acknowledged.

The values of libertarian freedom comes with its own morality of failure.  If you fail, you were at fault.

Both sides of the political debate, left and right have given over social responsibility to the big brothers, either government or non-government organisations, the churches and the charities.

Let’s learn how to do civics.  Let’s have the conversation.  The poor are inviting the business and political leaders to come and live with us.  Let’s find agreement rather than competition, before we make changes.

Good earnest discussion, the question came from the floor, How do we make the common good sexy again?

Plant fruit trees!  Vote!  Participate and talk!  Eat inside your community; eat outside your community!