My gym plays a lot of music, videos and that kind of stuff.  I get to spend a lot of time watching it while I’m exercising.  There’s a re-occuring theme to the music.  Everyone wants to be young, everyone wants to be pretty, and enjoy the moment because we are all going to burn out soon, hopefully while we are still young and beautiful.  I find I have less tolerance for the sentiment.  Suppose the Singularity happens, or the Resurrection comes, then this kind of music is going to look pretty silly.  These people have to keep producing this kind of stuff.  They are starving artists and have a music industry to support.  Which makes what they produce all the more ephemeral.  It’s produced to be consumed and forgotten.

I think I would like it if eternity broke into my life on a warm Saturday afternoon in summer.  I think that that would be my moment forever.  And I could potter around and do stuff until I got bored and then venture forth to find something that would stretch me further.  In light of such an event our youthful popular music is going to look silly.  We don’t make stuff to sing and enjoy for the long term.  Even our religious music is going to have to be re-considered when we’re ‘bright shining like the sun’.

Even if immortality lasts a lifetime, or the age of empires, or to the end of the world, or the heat-death of the universe, it will still end too soon.