Andrew Bradstock hosted this.  He seems to be still around Dunedin even though he has given his farewell address.  The panel consisted of Jolyon White from the Christchurch Diocese; Bryce Edwards, political lecturer and commentator; Greg Fleming from the Maxim Institute; and Laura Black from the Methodist Mission.

Does anyone ever tuck their shirt in nowadays?

The Surveillance State

If there is a change of government at the next election there will be a review of recent legislation.  There is nothing new in the surveillance state.  It is ten years since Echelon / Five Eyes became public knowledge, thanks in part for investigative journalism by Nicky Hagar.  The legislation is passed by the slimmest of majorities.  Our democracy does not seek consensus.   Himmler told us that ‘Those who have nothing to hide have nothing to fear’, so what do our surveillance organisations have to fear?


Dunedin suffers for lacking entry-level job opportunities.  Its business is dominated by the University, the public sector and the tourist industry.  We need to get beyond low-wage industry jobs.  Our two-speed economy means slower cities like ours are left behind.


The government parties are cautious in intervening to provide housing.  New Zealand does not have a housing crisis; Auckland has a housing crisis.  The Christchurch Earthquakes means that Christchurch has a housing crisis.  That is temporary.  The market economy in Christchurch means that low-cost accommodation is slow to replace after the earthquake.  We need better rental stock.

Too many people want to live in Auckland, a third of the country’s population.  It’s time to look for job creation outside Auckland and bring the regions up to speed.


Are these the last bastions of Christendom?  An opportunity for faith communities to be part of the establishment again?  Elitist space for concerts and choirs instead of a community space with showers for the homeless?  Faith-based organisations, including charities, are compromised by government funding.  Think about values.