I haven’t posted in a while.  I’ve been away from this computer, house-sitting for a friend who has been away for five weeks in Beijing and Europe.  Lucky him!  Since I’ve got home my computer has got seriously decrepit.  The hard-drive has slowed down and frozen a couple of times.  There was a couple of days when it would not boot.  It looks like it needs replacing.  I’ve bought an external drive and backed everything up.  Mark is setting up a new computer for me.  I’m waiting to hear from him.

My hobbit email address looks like it has disappeared.  I haven’t been able to log onto for some weeks.  I will have to get in touch with them.  In the meantime I have taken out an account with gmail.com.  The nickname for that address is intheologus.

Events continue to happen.  The Demonstration for Democracy happened in the Octagon.  I was underwhelmed.  It was more like a picnic for democracy.  I have learnt my lesson.  If the advertising for an event only gets to me a couple of days before the event then that’s a warning that this event could be not worth supporting.  World Peace Day was also held in the Octagon, also a small event.  Representatives from Dunedin faith groups were present including Hari Krishnas, Christians, Muslims and Buddhists.

I went to parish camp on Quarantine Island for the weekend, my most recent escape from the city.  I should take some time away as I have plenty of leave.  Never mind.  Burt is coming!

In time for the local body elections Opoho Church held its Candidate meeting over two nights.  About 31 candidates were present before an audience which the Otago Daily Times estimated at 120 people.  Typically for Opoho about a quarter of the audience arrived in the last five minutes.  They just came in and filled the pews.  Mayor Dave Cull was well received by the audience.  They liked his stands on conservation and climate change which reflects the interests of the audience.  There were also questions on supporting business and supporting low-income citizens.  Some of the candidates impressed me because they knew their stuff and how to address the audience.  I was time-keeper again.  Some of the candidates are not getting my vote because they didn’t know how to condense what they had to say before I cut them off with a stag-horn.  My god, that was fun!  Some other candidates who have their faces over the city like a Stalinist personality cult are also not getting my vote.