I found out about this through my local MP’s Facebook page, a Meet’n’Greet event with visiting caucus members.  It was held in the public meeting area of Toitu Settlers Museum in front of the steam engine Josephine.  I took the chance beforehand to duck into the entrance of the museum itself and touch the mauri-stone.

The event was well attended and I saw faces out that I haven’t seen for a while.  Lots of the usual suspects and also lots of friendly and familiar faces.

Three tables of food, I knew that wasn’t going to go far.  Dunedin Labour being made up of working class and univesity types are natural grazers and the food was going to get stripped out quickly.  I helped in the process.

Labour’s new leader David Cunliffe spoke well.  It was a pep talk.  He didn’t have any policy to announce to us, nor promises to make.  There is a feeling of confidence in the Party, and a promise that this was going to be the next party of government.  He wants to take votes back from the Greens and National.  I’m comfortable with taking swing voters back from National.  I am less sure about taking liberal voters away from the Greens.  I feel both parties of the left need to be secure and confident in working together without waiting for the other to blink.  Not sure if I’ve seen that yet, from either party.

There was talk that business and industry has left Dunedin.  Less about bringing it back.  Still, Josephine is backing Cunliffe.  It is always interesting to see national leaders in the fleshbot, so to speak.  They are not just people on screens.  I think I’m getting used to it by now.

The evening ended with one of our local and beloved MPs being unforgetable.