Jim Salinger, not only talks about Auckland’s Climate Science.  He talks about the rest of New Zealand’s Climate Science, including Dunedin, where I heard him tonight at the College of Education Auditorium.  The rest of the world got mentioned as well.

Climate change means the westerly winds will increase in New Zealand.

Terroir is going to change.  Warmer temperature ranges will make wines from Bordeaux and Champagne more acidic.  New South Wales, West Australia, southern Spain, Italy and Greece are going to drop out of the wine-growing zone.  England and South Ireland will enter it.  Perhaps I could taste my first Southlander Red.

As groundwater is drained from the Canterbury aquifer it will be replaced.  Unfortunately the immediate supply is the Pacific Ocean.  The soil of the Canterbury Plains risks becoming more saline.

In dryer areas our livestock may have to be changed from Bos Taurus to Bos Indicus which is more tolerant to heat.  This will have be bred as a meat animal.  There will be a risk of new livestock diseases.  Reducing methane and nitrate emissions *burp* *belch*  (not *fart*) will have to be looked into.

Cold water fish species are already moving into polar and deeper waters.  Fishing will follow them there.  Other fish species will move to take advantage of the warmer waters.

It’s up to us now.  The difference is an increase of 2 degrees of temperature to 4 degrees of temperature in the next hundred years, accompanied up seas rising by 10 metres.  A sensible capitalism means everything we make is intended to be re-used.

“What you do may be insignificant.  It is significant that you do it.” — Gandhi.