I’ve seen the Doctor Who Anniversary Special, The Day of the Doctor; and the web episode, The Night of the Doctor.  If you haven’t seen the Night of the Doctor here is the link below.  It is worth watching.

The Sisterhood of Karn are keepers of the flame of immortality.  The Time Lords rejected immortality as a dead-end development, choosing regeneration.  Potentially members of the sisterhood have lived for billions of years.  Karn is one of only two worlds known in the Doctor Who Cosmology where an immortal flame exists.  The other is Sarn.  Who thinks up these names?

The Sisterhood can use meta-concerted telekinesis to make Karn a graveyard in space and discourage explorers.  It is entirely possible they brought down Cass’s ship to draw out the Doctor.

We now know that the Eightth Doctor took no role in the Time War.  He wasn’t the Doctor who ended Gallifrey.  We still haven’t seen what the Time Lords did to become as terrifying throughout time and space as the Daleks.  We are told that time and space was on the knife edge.  I can think of three home-worlds that were destroyed in the Time War: the Nestenes, the Gelf, and the Zygons.  The General mentions that they have used nearly all of the forbidden weapons, the last being the Moment.  Considering what has been revealed has been available to the Time Lords in the past: star-killers, time scoops, prison worlds, and disintegration weapons, what they have done is terrifying to speculate.  There has been mention of the Nightmare Child, the Would-be King and the Never-Weres.  Did the Time Lords raid the multiverse and the Howling for their mercenaries?

It was still not enough to stop the Daleks who barricaded Gallifrey and broke through its defences.  The Fall of Arcadia did not look like that a concerted defence was possible.  It is a broken firefight.  I doubt if the civilians have anywhere realistic to which to retreat.  The Master said he fled the battle when the Emperor Dalek entered the Panopticon.  He hid among the Last Men at the end of the stellaferous age.  It is possible from the Panopticon the Daleks could seize control of the Matrix and the Eye of Harmony.

Other thoughts:  I want to see Paul McGann return and do more as the Doctor, and the chemistry that John Hurt brought to his role as the War Doctor was enjoyable to watch.  The UNIT subplot disappointed me.  I don’t mind that they are soldiers and they make stupid mistakes.  I do mind that they have no character or humanity.  They are faceless.  This is not the role that UNIT played when it was first introduced.  They are the first line in protecting us against the monsters.  For all their stodginess give them some personality.  Even Kate Lethbridge-Stewart is someone for the Doctor to lecture because he is the Smartest Man In The Room, and bore me to sleep.

Final thought: Gallifrey is coming back.  It is simple as that.  It always had to.  Its return will be a story that always had to be done after it was destroyed.  The Doctor saved Gallifrey in a way that was artistic and wonderful, the way the Time Lords failed to wage the Time War.  However there are two factions on Gallifrey now, there’s the rub.  There’s the High Council revealed in The Last of the Time Lords under mad Lord Rassilon trapped in the time-loop of eternal struggle, and there’s Gallifrey hidden in a moment of time where two billion, seven hundred and forty thousand children did not burn!  Game on! Which will it be?