I have a couple of nice old tea spoons in my jar.  They belonged to my last aunt.  When I visited my mother after my aunt’s death I found that the spoons had been left in the garage, and were beginning to turn green.  I claimed them and added them to my jar of tea spoons.  The rest are plain tea spoons, giving these two pride of place.  They would not attract undue attention from a trader in antiques, still they hold sentimental value for me as a link to the passing generation.

One of the two spoons has an ivory handle.  I had noticed that it was coming loose.  Eventually it separated completely.  It moved from the jar of spoons to sitting on the shelf in separate pieces.  I thought about getting it fixed.  I work away from town and it would take special arrangements to visit some one who could repair it.  Then I nearly lost a piece, the band that joins the ivory handle to the stem of silver bowl of the spoon itself.  All pieces are necessary.

It occured to me that the Director of the Archives and Library where I work also runs a gallery in town, the Quadrant Gallery in the Bracken Court.  It was an easy visit from my flat to visit them on Moray Place late on a Saturday morning.  I left the spoon with them.  I was quite delighted this afternoon just before I was about to go home the Director came into the Archives office to return my restored tea spoon to me.  The stem of the handle had been re-bored and the separate parts of the spoon joined back together.  The bowl of the spoon has been cleaned so it shines.  It is restored as well as I wanted.  I carried it home carefully in my pocket.  Now it can go back to the spoon-jar.  I’m chuffed.  The result of this job has been excellent service.

Quadrant Gallery