I live alone.  I make my meals for my convenience.  I had defrosted a tray of three pieces of schnitzel overnight.  Back from a visit to the library I cooked them in my electric pan.  Living in a studio flat it is easier to cook in my room than to go downstairs to use the kitchen.    I had no onions to cook with them but there was still the debris of them in the pan from my last dish.  I had washed out a jar of Vegemite and kept the water.  That was added to the pan for flavour.  When the meat had browned I added some soy sauce.

I cooked a couple of hashbrowns in the griller and cut up some vegetables to heat in a bowl in the microwave, a bit of capsicum, a mushroom, a couple of florets of brocolli.  I topped it up with some frozen winter vegetables from a bag.  When the hashbrowns were ready I served them sprinkled with cayenne, then the vegetables sprinkled with ginger and spread with sour cream.  This is common practice for me to do vegetables.  I served a slice of schnitzel beside the vegetables covered with liquids from the pan as a sauce.

The same dish will follow for the next two nights.