Just finished this book by Charles Stross.  I am rather fond of this series.  While I’m no spy-thriller fan I find the over-the-top humour of this series makes me giggle.  I consider it a documentary in the same way that I consider The IT Crowd to be a documentary.

Several new characters are put into play.  Most interesting to me is the introduction of the local vicar and his wife.  They are introduced as sympathetic characters.  I will watch out for them in future titles in this series as they are enmeshed into the slowly developing supernatural tragedy in nine volumes that this series promises to be.   They will be challenged as the Elder Gods awaken to the universe again.  People will be broken.  How they respond will be interesting to watch.

Haven’t seen any Presbyterians and/or Calvinists mentioned without being coupled with Fundamentalists.  Although the aforesaid cults are mentioned as owning secret doctrines allying them with the Deep Ones as god’s elect.  This suggests interesting ideas about the secret history of living in Dunedin, New Zealand: closest city to R’lyeh; settled by Presbyterians; their close relationship with the University of Otago…lots of suggestions there!

As well considering the manipulations of religion by supernatural agencies it looks like Stross has put into effect his musings on a Strangecraft scenario, a belief by Strangelovian deep government agencies that they can survive the intervention of Lovecraftian great powers who are indifferent to human survival.  There will be consequences from this emerging in future titles in this series.