I went to hear Michael Findlay talk on this subject.  I remember him from my time when I was unemployed and on a scheme working in the old back rooms of the Settlers’ Museum.  I learnt that there is a difference between the modern home and the modernist home.  This architecture gig started when architects started moving from being trade to being professional, towards the beginning of the last century.  Design became pared back, and the curve of the wall met the angle of the corner.  Architecture became a morality.  The space for women to inhabit and work became the work of imagination.

There’s a lot of it around the lower South Island.  People don’t get around to knocking buildings down around here.  Too much was lost in the Christchurch earthquakes.  More value for what we can preserve.  I came home to my high-ceilinged Edwardian studio flat and considered the flats on the other side of the driveway: brick and wooden interiors.

I wonder about those split-level houses, and how they can stay warm.  That image of the Stahl House of Los Angeles, did its perspective over the city inspire the urban landscape of Blade Runner?