This is a game I like to play after an election: take a list of results and reverse them; I designate the lowest polling candidate to have won the electorate.  The highest list vote for the electorate is given the value 1, with fifteen parties contesting the list vote the lowest list vote is given the value 15.  I put these into a spread sheet for each election to make a summary for each party.  The results I put through Elections NZ MMP seat allocation calculator.   What kind of results did I get this time?

ACT 10 MPs 10  electorate seats, 0 list

Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis 9 MPs 0 electorate seats 9 list

Ban 1080 Party 12 MPs 1 electorate seat 11 (8) list

Communist League 2 MPs 2 electorate seats 0 list

Conservative Party 6MPs 1 electorate seat 5 list

Democrats for Social Credit 22MPs 22 electorate seats 0 list

Economic Euthenics 1 MP 1 electorate seat 0 list

Expats 1 MP 1 electorate seat 0 list

Focus Party 15 MPs 1 electorate seat 14 (7) list

Internet Mana 9 MPs 9 electorate seats 0 list

Maori Party 8 MPs 2 electorate seats 6 list

Money Free Party 4 MPs 4 electorate seats 0 list

Independent Coalition 15 MPs 1 electorate seat 14 (9) list

Patriotic Revolutionary Front 1 MP 1 electorate seat 0 list

Civilian Party 14 MPs 0 electorate seats 14 (8) list

United Future 11 MPs 5 electorate seats 6 list

Independents 19 MPs 19 electorates 0 list

Fifteen parties contested the list vote.  Four parties did not cross the threshold: the Green Party, the Labour Party, the National Party, and the New Zealand First Party.  They suffered from their relative successes in the real election, won no electorate seats in my reversed parliament and fell below the threshold to enter with list seats.  In my Update from Another New Zealand in 2011 New Zealand First, the Greens and Labour were represented in parliament along with the Alliance, the Libertarians, the New Zealand Sovereignty Party, the Youth Party, the Human Rights Party and Nga Iwi who have disappeared from this election.

The parties that remain seem to have some collapse in leadership.  After the last election the leader of the Act Party resigned, probably to the disappointment of the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party who could have supported in decriminalisation sentiments toward cannabis.  Their next leader was caught out with legal proceedings.  Their third leader has the dubious honour in being more successful in my election results above.

The silly party MP from Economic Euthenics is joined by the Patriotic Revolutionary Front, neither of whom I understand intended to be in parliament.  My apologies to both of them if they ever find this site.  They are joined by the satirical party the Civilian Party.  Fortunately the Civies have a list of 8 candidates along with other parties whose allocation is higher than their candidates lists, bringing the overhang of parliament down from 150 to 131.

I don’t think I can speculate on the arrangement of government with this list!