A report of the the Quaker lecture for 2014.  The Quaker lecture can be found here.  This was a smaller lecture than last year’s lecture from Jeannette Fitzsimons and was perhaps more in house.

All stories teach, whether it is the intention of the story teller, or not.  They teach about the world that we create, how it is meant to be, how we perceive it.  Story telling teaches more effectively than instruction on moral precepts, or challenges.

We have yet to give recognition to Papatuanuku, the bountiful earth, in our constitution.  It’s probably not necessary to personify her as Mother Earth.  However there has to be advantage in recognising our environment and ecology, in how it nurtures us, as a legal citizen.  It’s prefectly acceptable for corporations to be legal citizens, why not our environment?

The long one hundred year sleep of the Treaty is over, between its declaration as a legal nullity in 1877 and its re-awakening in 1975.  It has a place in the political and legal life of this country.

I wondered if there is any understanding between the regional bodies of the Presbyterians: the Synod of Otago and Southland, and the Southern Presbytery; and the local iwi, Ngai Tahu?  Both groups exist in locality.  I doubt if it is a relation that has been considered.  How to begin?