17939338I have been reading Social Class in Applied Linguistics by David Block. Some interesting thoughts from it.

Young working class males create a culture of resistance to corporate identity. They see it as emasculating. Their idea is to enter adult life as quickly as possible. Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll are attributes of adult life.  Their culture is egalitarian and horizontal. No one will be better than they are. Conformity will be enforced if necessary.

Young middle class males recognise the limits of rebellion. It’s a weekend activity. During the week the corporate hierarchy will be respected because there is an opportunity to level up and improve one’s status, paradise postponed.  The alternative between achievers and non-achievers makes the jock a middle-class achiever.

Freedom from restriction; to travel, and the choice of consumption, to be intellectually worldly and experienced, becomes characteristics of the middle class.  When we move into situations where those characteristics are de-valued or out-classed our status is disempowered.  We become de-classed.

Perhaps this is obvious.  I haven’t seen the literature where this is so clearly written out and explained before.  I will have to play around with these ideas and think about them.