Mozart RequiemThis week has proved to be a good week to enjoy music.  A ticket was offered to me if I wanted to see the Dunedin City Choir and the Southern Sinfonia perform the Mozart Requiem at Knox Church.  I didn’t refuse.  There were two pieces, Shubert’s Stabat Mater and Mozart’s Requiem.  I was distracted during the Stabat Mater.  Knox Church does not have the softest pews, even with padding.  However that was all forgotten when the Requiem began.  It was a piece to hold my attention.

If there is a resurrection I would hope it sounds like that trumpet.

Was there a tyrannosaur in the church?  Rex! Rex! Rex! Or do the choir have a very disobedient dog?

Then after the weekend I was offered the use of a season ticket to the Brodsky Quartet at the Glenroy Auditorium.  A friend could not make time to attend and was delighted that I could go instead.  It was a wonderful concert: Schubert’s Quartet Movement, a very modern sounding String Quartet No. 3 from Shostakovich; and a String Quartet from Beethoven.

It sounds like doing Shostakovich’s complete quartets is a favourite challenge for the Brodsky Quartet.  There are fifteen in total covering the beginning of Shostakovich’s career until before his final years before his death.  To play them all takes a weekend.  I did not resist the promotion.  Irene from Relics Music was on hand in the foyer with a display of CDs for sale.  I was the second person in line to buy The String Quartets in the intermission.  Irene had already recommended it.  I think they all sold.  I got the programme book with the CDs signed by the Quartet.  A momento of a memorable evening.

Brodsky Quartet