Acoustic TerritoriesI have been reading Acoustic Territories: Sound Culture and Everyday Life by Brandon Labelle.  It grabbed my attention in the University Library’s new books and I took it home to read further.  His chapter, Home, interested me for laying out ideas that affect my understanding of my own identity.

In our homes we cultivate our privacy and individual identities.  Migrant and vagrant lives are apposite to home life.  They are homeless, happening outside our walls.  Our material boundaries create the safe space where the domestic rituals of our lives happen.  Since the Nineteenth Century home has become apposite to work.  Work happens in a different domain.  Noise from outside invades our homes.  The sound culture of our neighbours invades our lives, especially those who have not divided their lives as we have.  It becomes classist, the clash of different sound-scapes; they should not allow their work and their music to intrude into our peace.

So how do I construct my identity within and outside the boundaries I set myself?