@hass_haaretzI was not familiar with Amira Hass before this lecture.  She is an Israeli Jewish reporter following events in occupied Palestine.  She spoke in Dunedin at the end of April 2015.

She opened with the statement that Palestinian resistance is neither violent, nor non-violent.  It is based on their status as victims.  It is not free to be exclusively either violent or non-violent.  That is not an option.

Israeli violence, physical and bureaucratic, is not reported.

Gazans have no freedom of movement of movement from Gaza to the West Bank for better education, or to study abroad.  There is simply no freedom of movement between the Palestinian enclaves within Israel.  The enclaves are like low lying islands in an Israeli sea, and rising sea levels will drown them.

Violence does not provide answers.  There is no hope of an ending to repression, only retaliation.  There is no hope in a third uprising.  Protest is dangerous.  The leadership is divided between Hamas and Fatah, and it is convenient for Israel to keep them entrenched in their power bases.

Those enclaves become islands of normal living, hermetically sealing the unjust world outside its doors.  And people cheat to survive and live in those tiny islands of normalcy, finding an education, renovating and planting gardens, keeping the outside world at bay.  They live in their own bantustans.

What will happen?  Change will not come from Israel.  Israel will not reverse its military achievements.  After the holocaust there is no other place for them to go.  Change could come from the Palestinians, if they can start change, if the opportunity is there.  Israel has two people and one nation, a description that most New Zealanders can understand.  The development of the two peoples remains unequal, and Israel shows no vision to accomodate and contain its internal neighbours.  Israel still benefits from the occupation.

Not a concise lecture, nor a conclusive one.  Interesting, and perhaps there is still hope before change of civilisations wipes away all alternatives.