I went and saw this at the weekend.  I was seeing too many spoilers.  I’ve had enough time to compile some thoughts.  Here’s some of them.

The Empire, or the First Order, marches; the Resistance runs.  This seems to be a significant difference.

If I watch this again it will be to make a list of health and safety violations.  I think I’ve spotted at least two in my first screening: Storm-troopers shuttling down to planetside without apparently being strapped in; later Rey trips some fuses without checking the safety protocols.  Once Health and Safety mobilises I don’t think either the First Order, or the Resistance, stand much chance coming off unscathed.

Rey is cool.  She is not just a Jedi, she is an Engineer.

What is the First Order’s economy?  Even after two Death Stars are destroyed and their dominance over the Star Wars galaxy has been shattered they still have fully functional funding to build a equator-girdling Starkiller Base that can be seen from orbit, a weapon that dwarves either of the earlier Death Stars.

What is the relationship between the Resistance and the New Republic?  Apparently the Resistance is embedded in the New Republic beyond the reach of the First Order.  Does General Leia Organa answer to a Comander-in-Chief in the Republic?  There are potentially disturbing implications if the Resistance is answerable only to itself.

Rule of thumb – if you end up in the Star Wars galaxy, move off the densely populated urban planets.  They get destroyed first.  Even low density settlements get bombed by the First Order, but the planet doesn’t get destroyed under your feet.  They have to find you first so you have a better chance.