Not much to report this week.  I have begun a couple of days house-sitting for friends down North East Valley again, looking after their extended family of cats.  Two cats that are part of the household, Baobao and Qinqin are old friends, and two that look in every morning, DJ, a black and white cat, and Huanghuang, a ginger, who appear to have joined the extended family.

I am surprised what people notice and what people don’t.  There are things of which I am unobservant, and I would have to admit I am insensitive to people, one of my vulnerabilities.  I am puzzled that people don’t live at a walking pace, especially in this neighbourhood.  In the staff room people had just noticed that the North East Valley Post Office, the tourist shop for Baldwin Street, of international fame, had opened again as a cafe.  I had noticed that it was renovating when I was here last, and opened a week after I left at the end of winter, The Grid Roastery, it is called now.

The Chinese takeaway in the shop beside Northumberland Street had closed about a year ago.  Today I notice that it looks like it might open again soon as a beer-garden.  I must mention that to the registrar when I see her again.

Perhaps I should end with some grace notes: